First Post!!!

Okay guys so this is my first post and I just wanted to tell you about a festival I went to this last weekend (02/18/2017) called Keep Metal Alive Fest 2017. This was hosted at The Charleston in Bremerton, Wa and was put on by the OLY Crew of NYDM and WADM. The Charleston was a great place, they have seating for the general public, a bar with separate seating, and then an area to mosh. It was an all ages show (which can be hard to find since most of these bands only play at 21+ venues) and I got to meet people of all ages and backgrounds. The mosh pit was filled with kids and adults enjoying the music (and getting out some pent up energy and aggression.) Overall I thought the experience was great there were bands from different subgenres of metal which gave a it a pretty diverse atmosphere. So here are my thoughts on the line-up band by band. (these aren’t in order because I didn’t write it down, forgive me)

Noceur: Okie dokie……this band was probably my least favorite of the night……they took forever to get set up (which is surprising for only being three dudes) and from what I heard they showed up late which is not cool. They were very bland and they didn’t have or maybe the vocals were so bad I have blocked it out of my mind but still very unexceptional. After some digging I found that they consider themselves to be experimental black metal, which I could see, and the music itself wasn’t horrible but was easily forgettable. Certainly different though which isn’t bad. I don’t know the band members names but if you want to check them out and hear something new -> Noceur Facebook Link

Kaos N Kunfusion: So these guys were more hard rock/metal status and they were ok (it wasn’t really my style but if you like hard rock check them out) on the upside the vocalist had good stage presence. They were formed in Seabeck, Wa in 2012.Band Members: Brent Drinkard, Todd Boetger, Tom McGraw, Brent Woolard, and Mike Thompson. Kaos N Kunfusion Facebook Link

After The Fallout: This band was decent. They had these cool props made out of pvc pipe and then these Cthulhu posters on them which was interesting and different. I think they fell into the grindcore category but if you want to fight me on that go for it. They had good stage presence, were very enthusiastic, and they got the crowd into it. Most people seemed to really enjoy them. Originating in Seattle, Wa. Band Members: Erik Trajik (Vocals), Allen Mattila (Guitar), Robert Hansen (Guitar), Daren Weaser (Bass), Jason Northover (Drums) After The Fallout Facebook Link

Kömmand: This was probably my second favorite band although they had some equipment malfunctions. They played through the challenge though and didn’t stop and waste anyone’s time. They are black/thrash and not only say they are rooted in the “old ways” but actually prove it. I am slightly biased though because I know the vocalist/guitarist who is based in Ellensburg, Wa. They are definitely a band to check out if you are feeling disturbed by all the trendy new school metal shit because these guys will pull trough and give it to you hard. Band Members: Kömmander Z-vocals/guitar, Carnage-bass, and Exhumer-drums. Kommand Facebook Link

Nihilist Nation: These guys are actually from Oregon since that is where OLY crew is based. If you checkout their facebook page they will say that they play death metal, thrash metal, grindcore, black metal, and prog but to me the most noticiable styles were more in just the grindcore and prog area. They had really good stage presence and were passionate and into their music. Plus they had good sound and had their shit together. Band Members: Joshua Beam – Vocals, Ryan Hansen – Guitar, Mario Carrion – Guitar, Kris VanSeitz – Bass, Tyler Kennedy – Drums. Nihilist Nation Facebook Link

Taco Ninjas: Personal favorite of the night. great stage presence, good music, got the crowd into it, and overall badass band. They define themselves as crossover thrash/punk and I think that suits them but I also was getting some black metal vibes from them but whatever it is they make it work. The vocalist had a mic stand that was a pitchfork which was pretty cool but overall the performance was superb and everyone seemed to really get into it. Band Members: Gary Fucking Webber-vocals, Adam Lender-guitars, Billdozer Paredes-bass, and Jake Ireland-drums. Taco Ninjas Facebook Link

Drug Of Choice: Probably my second least favorite but honestly i couldn’t tell you why, they just weren’t my thing. I noticed that a lot of the younger indivuals there were really into them. They were very promote me, buy merch, follow us, to the point they spent a significant time on stage promoting which cut into their stage time actually playing. On their facebook page they don’t specify the sub-genre and just call themselves rock/metal. They had more screamy/growling vocals and lighter music in general compared to the rest of the night but they are still pretty hardcore. They are from Lakewood, Wa. Certainly something to check out though just for the hell of it. Band Members: Alex Vogel-vocals, Thomas Till-guitar, Robert Harling-guitar, Rodger Aksamit-bass, and Patrick Vaglica-drums.  Drug Of Choice Facebook Link

Inside Defiance: This was the first band of the night and I think they did great.  They were the only band of the night to have a female in the band and she did awesome. They were more of a mainstream metal/hard rock/alternative kind of band which generally I’m not super into but these guys were pretty good so if you are into that I’d recommend them. Also they are from Port Angeles, Wa. Band Members: Jeff Harvey-Vocals, James Parish-guitar, Annie Vorhies-guitar, Jason Gorss-bass, and Chris McDaniel-drums.  Inside Defiance Facebook Link

Overall my biggest complaint would be the time between performers, I think they could have been a bit more organized and time efficient  about it. Superb though so check out all the bands and support them and all local metal!



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